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Teaching Philosophy

Creating Lifelong Learnerssheet music


It is my goal to help students become fluent music readers. By focusing on reading, students are able to play a variety of music and feel confident in front of their instrument. Sight reading is essential since unfamiliar music provides a continual learning experience.


I am also committed to creating lessons that engage in Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Every student has a different way of learning, some learn visually, some learn better aurally, others learn kinesthetically. By utilizing Gardner's theories throughout my lessons, the most effective form of instruction can be realized, resulting in high levels of student achievement.


Learning music helps students create realistic goals and build confidence. In this way, music education helps students plan for success in the future. Studying music also helps students improve their focus, concentration, memory and develop their creativity.


It is my aim to create lessons that are engaging, interactive, and promote lifelong learning.

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