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About Carl Nikolov

(B. Ed., B. Mus., Dip. Music Performance, OCT)

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My formal music training began in 2001 where I studied at McMaster University in Hamilton focusing on piano performance and music history. In 2005, I graduated summa cum laude with both an Honours Bachelor of Music Degree and a Diploma in Music Perfomance. In 2006, I launched carls piano lessons. Subsequently, in 2007, I volunteered at T.A. Blakelock Secondary School helping students with music theory and writing arrangements for concert band.


Inspired by this new teaching experience I traveled to Vancouver to study at The University of British Columbia and graduated with a Bachelor of Education (2008). I have classroom experience from teaching in West Vancouver (Grades 7 to 12), and as a high school teacher in the arts community of Stratford, Ontario (2009). I have taught a variety of music classes in different genres (Classical orchestra, Concert band, Jazz ensemble, and a Rhythm and Blues band). I also hold a professional AQ and am qualified to teach special needs children within Ontario schools.


In my spare time I like to compose music and play as well as sing in a rock band. I have written pop songs, classical pieces, and a few jazz arrangements. My additional music training includes an RCM Grade 6 certificate in Trumpet and an RCM Grade 2 certificate in Violin.
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